7 October 2007

In Which Dea Stalls for Time

I'm currently preparing a post (or two) on my experiences in Cambodia last week. I was there for five days while I sought to renew my visa for Thailand.

Meanwhile, I offer some guffaw-inducing signs seen in the course of my travels through Bangkok and Siem Reap. Enjoy.

At the Dead Fish restaurant in Siem Reap. As is probably obvious, it caters to Westerners.

Just above the bar at Cheap Charlie's, a (you guessed it) cheap (must be) bar in Bangkok.

A very helpful signpost telling us how to get to This Way.


Rachel said...

Hee hee hee. I love the faulty translation! I remember when I was in Thailand and Malaysia I almost wanted to volunteer to help some businesses clean up their English (though surely us English speakers look just as silly translating into other languages).

How's the job? Boring? Can't wait to hear about the Cambodia trip - Simon's photos look grrreat!
How is Tamsin? Have you heard from her caretakers lately?

much love from stupidly windy Victoria :-P

Anonymous said...

I need more signs to tell me how to get to where I'm going!!

Hope you're having fun :)


Anonymous said...

I have lots of pictures of bad English from my travels. A favourite is the bus company in the souther canton of Ticino (Italian speaking). There is a lot of German influence and the company is called "FART"...I think from the German "Farht" meaning go/way/trip. hahahaha
Maybe you could send your pics to www.engrish.com which is a Japanese site dedicated to this kind of stuff. very funny.

I hated Thai toilets. yuck!

sounds like you're having a good time. waiting for those cambodia pics!

Sarah Fin-Spali

Anonymous said...


The same experience with overly zealous tuk-tuk drivers happened to me and my travel buddy Chrys when we got off the bus in Phnom Pehn coming from Siem Reap. We were literally accosted by over 30 drivers, then later during our stay followed in the streets by very persistent drivers...I can relate with your experiences!

In Siem Reap, I did not have the chance to savour a drink at Angkor What? However, I did attend some caribbean like bar which featured the last known toilet bowl top of Pol Pot...Interesting!

I was also able to sample some chicken amok, despite having a hard time getting used to the south-east asian food!

Your blogs are beautiful and I love reading them! Keep them coming!

I also have some funny chinese english signs, but none quite as funny as the bathroom one you have posted!

Take care, have fun, and safe travels!

Christine Lenis.