22 November 2007

This Side of Paradise

I've been busy in Bangkok lately - working, getting suits tailored, celebrating American Thanksgiving (yes!), planning my upcoming trip to Cambodia. So no new post, but here are some photos from my trip to Railay last weekend. Railay is found on a peninsula on the Andaman Sea.

When I thought of coming to Thailand, Railay is what I pictured, though I didn't have the name for it yet. Two-and-a-bit months after arriving, I got there.

Atmospheric bungalow, complete with mosquito netting in Ao Nang, where we stayed on Friday night.

longtail boats at the beach in Ao Nang, waiting to take travellers to Railay

Said travellers

close-up of the longtails

West Railay Beach. Railay is popular with rock climbers, and you can see why.

monkeys eating bananas

Me with scenery.

Can you imagine growing up here, with this as your "normal"?

Mudflats and mangroves on East Railay.

Enjoying the patio at Ya Ya's. Matt from Australia, Mike from Denmark, and Simon, my UVIC partner in crime. Or I suppose it's law. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

It's a cat's life.
Cats and dogs have it tough in Thailand. It was nice to see this feline enjoying itself.

Grilled corn on the beach. You could also buy jewelry, beer, massages, and pedicures.

Blue, blue, blue.
Apparently some scenes from "The Man With the Golden Gun" were shot around here.

More gratuitous beauty.


Mitch said...

Wow... it looks absolutely stunning! (I can also see how the James Bond film would have been filmed there!)

What exactly are you doing over there anyhow???

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I hope you feel grateful every day, you are a very lucky chick. Quite the bikini shot, I remember being young. You go girl!!School was different when I went.

Anonymous said...

oh...brings back memories! we spent 7 days on railey last christmas! we stayed on the sunset beach side. did you try mom's kitchen on sunrise beach? railey was a fabulous place!!!

Sarah F-S

Dea said...

Colleen--in the interest of honesty, the bikini pic is carefully cropped!

Sarah - nope missed that restaurant - didn't see it. But I did eat some delish beach corn on the cob.

Greg - on an internship in Bangkok as part of my law degree - which has worked out fabulously! Happy belated bday, btw!