28 November 2007

Dear Constant Reader

In 7 hours, I fly away to Cambodia, where I will winter for 10 days. It is unlikely I'll post from there, but who knows - maybe I will, maybe I won't.

I was planning to post some photos to tide you over until then, but blogger is being uncooperative tonight. So please, please come back in 10 days for some more gratuitous SE Asian beauty and absurdity - scuba diving, Walking Street in Pattaya, and a kickboxing champion.

If you would like a postcard from Cambodia, please e-mail me your address at dealloyd(at)hotmail(dot)com


the middle sister said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time in Cambodia. I know not a moment will be wasted thinking of those of us back home in -37 degree weather, braving treacherous road conditions to fend off crazed holiday shoppers.

You are blessed and deservedly so!

Rachel said...

Alright girl, I'm ready for the gratuitous SE Asian beauty and absurdity!!
No pressure, of course, I'm just eager for more procrastination-fodder.
Hope work wound up well and that you're forming perfect holiday plans (Facebook tells me you're not sure yet what to do!).

loveness, Rach

Schwa said...

Dang! I should have requested one! Oh well, maybe next time :-)